Permanent Makeup

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Permanent makeup and microblading fall into the category of tattooing.

There are different methods of implanting pigments into the skin such as classic permanent makeup performed with a hand tool or shading device/machine which yields a soft, powdery finish..

Microblading is performed by etching pigment into the skin primarily with a hand tool.  This gives the look of individual hair-like strokes.

These services are for people who have undergone breast surgeries, scar revisions and surgeries that may have left them feeling a bit insecure.  They’re also in demand for people with makeup allergies, arthritis or simply wish to save time before an important date or event and wish to have their makeup looking professionally done every morning.

As always, each person’s situation and needs are unique and different so we ask that you contact us so that we can tailor a price to suit your specific needs.

Permanent Makeup Rate: 175.00 (including one month follow-up)
Microblading Rate: 275.00 (follow-up included)

Please note: Refrain from using alcohol, blood thinners, high caffeine drinks, fish oils or anything that promotes bleeding 48 hours before your appointment.  These have shown a tendency to promote bleeding which makes it difficult to implant color.

Please consult with your doctor if you are on any prescription medicine.

Care for your tattoo by applying a thin layer of Vaseline or coconut oil morning and night for the first five days.  Your tattoo may appear very dark for approximately two weeks.  About the fifth day, you may experience flaking or scabbing.  Do not pick, scratch, apply product, expose to sun, swim or sauna for the first seven days following your procedure.  At about two weeks you may notice the color lifting up to 50%.  Follow up with your appointment.

1 thought on “Permanent Makeup”

  1. Jenna did my brows ,( Microblading) and eye liner.
    I was hesitant due to some reviews but went because a friend recommended. I think she was great! Did a really nice job. It’s scary when someone is working around your eye but she put me st ease with her steady hand. Can’t wait for my follow up , I already look amazingly different!!
    Thank you Jenna!

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